Between Patriotism and Exclusion – Jewish Scholars at the MGH

The Project

The exhibition with ca. 60 objects on display tells the stories of Philipp Jaffé, Harry Bresslau, Henry Simonsfeld, Ludwig Traube, Wilhelm Levison, Ernst Perels, and Erika Sinauer, portraying their lives, their scholarly achievements, and their experiences as Jews. The objects on display cover over 100 years of eventful history, ranging from a letter written by Philipp Jaffé to his parents in 1854 to one with a handwritten note by Albert Schweitzer written in 1951.

Information on the virtual exhibition

Exhibition film

Why are the MGH presenting an exhibition on this subject? What is on display? How were the exhibits chosen? Which perspectives appear and which questions arise from the exhibition? The president of the MGH, the archive director, a Jewish historian, and the project director answer these questions and more as an introduction to the exhibition. Running time of the film: 10 minutes

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