Welcoming Address by Dr Ludwig Spaenle

In 2021, Germany commemorates 1700 years of Jewish history and Jewish culture with events throughout the country. Also in Bavaria, several hundred projects present the many facets of Jewish life in past and present.

The online exhibition „Between Patriotism and Exclusion – Jewish Scholars at the MGH“ is an important contribution to this programme. A selection of seven biographies illustrate the hindrances and increasing discrimination with which Jewish scholars were confronted.

At the same time, the exhibition also reveals how important these Jewish scholars were for the work of the MGH. In what may be seen as a representative example for other research institutions, it clearly shows their major contributions to education and research and their individual scholarly achievements.
I would like to extend my sincere thanks to all those who helped realise this project and wish them the greatest possible success with the exhibition.

Dr Ludwig Spaenle

Beauftragter der Bayerischen Staatsregierung
für jüdisches Leben und gegen Antisemitismus,
für Erinnerungsarbeit und geschichtliches Erbe